It is that time of the year when horse property owners undoubtedly experience the occasional broken water pipe from a freeze. Those of us with wells know how important it is to insulate the pipes against freezing because, even if the pipes don't brake, you want to make sure you have water to your horses at all times. A few years ago here in Las Vegas we had a cold spell that lasted a few days when the day time temperatures did not rise above freezing levels. There were some horse property owners with frozen water lines for a few days that were not able to get water from their wells.

Automatic water feeders freeze easily because the volume of water in the pan is so small. It is always a very good idea to check the weather and put buckets filled with water in each stall if there is a freeze alert. Sometimes after a freeze, the automatic waterers will overflow. This can be easily remedied by adjusting the float.

First, and most important, is to make sure you have galvanized piping rather than PVC. Galvanized is obviously more sturdy and even though it will cost more to install, it more than pays for itself in time and aggravation. Exposed PVC pipes will brake easily even during a minor freeze.

Some well companies install 2" water lines and this size insulation was not available at Home Depot. The largest diameter insulation they carry in stock is 1 1/2". You can find 2" insulation at Mead's Hardware as well as all the other sizes you might need.

Protect your pipes now and enjoy more riding time.

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